Increase your property value with a NABERS for Apartment Buildings rating

NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) for Apartment Buildings was launched in June 2018 to encourage energy and water efficiencies in residential buildings.

Based on the energy and water efficiency of a strata building’s common property, NABERS for Apartment Buildings grants a rating using a six-star scale. The rating is calculated using a benchmark that fairly compares the energy and water performance of an apartment building to others in the Australian market.

Ratings are conducted by qualified assessors who are authorised by the National Administrator.

The importance of having a NABERS rating

NABERS have assisted commercial buildings to achieve the following:

Reduce emissions by an average of 11.5% per building

Increase water efficiency by an average of 9% per building, saving a total of 1,100 megalitres of water each year

Save over $350 million in energy bills since 2010

Advantages of having a NABERS rating:

  • Increased market value
  • Increased rental income
  • Attract the right tenants
  • Reduced vacancy rates
  • Reduced operating costs

In addition to this, buildings with a higher NABERS rating have increased market value and has allowed owners to attract the right tenants because high performing buildings generally support high performing businesses.

Investing in a NABERS for Apartment Buildings rating gives the strata committee a true representation of how a building’s common property is performing based on a six-star rating energy efficiencies scale, where three is average and six is market leading.

NABERS rating process enables committees to:

  • Demonstrate the building’s operational value
  • Understand what improvements are needed to unlock potential cost savings
  • Create a sense of community and contribute to a sustainable future

The benefits and knowledge of how your building performs can lead to reduced operating costs, increased market value and rental income, and reduced vacancy rates.

How to qualify

Minimum requirements

For a building to be eligible to participate in a NABERS for Apartment Buildings assessment, the property must be a registered strata plan and contain multiple apartments in a configuration that includes:

  • At least four apartments in total; and,
  • At least two apartments stacked vertically; and,
  • One or more points of entrance to the scheme footprint that serve more than one apartment.

These apartments must be lived in during the rating period. This ensures there is sufficient common property usage to be rated.

For the assessment, an apartment is defined as a self-contained unit of accommodation comprising of a kitchen, sleeping, living and bathroom facilities within a building that contains many such residential dwellings.

Bills of electricity, gas and water from the last 12 months and for all accounts that are paid for by the owners corporation

As-built drawings of architectural, lift, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical services. Specifically:

  • Floor plans of each service
  • Schematic diagrams of each service
  • Equipment schedules that includes specification for each piece of equipment

Building operations manual (where applicable) that include:

  • An executive summary of each service system installed in the building
  • Operation hours of common areas such as a pool and gym etc.

Assessment criteria

Facilities that are assessed include:

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