Breaching strata by-laws on laundry can leave you high and dry

Being aware of by-laws
and playing by the rules that govern the sharing of space and amenities can
make all the difference to …

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New NSW strata laws on the horizon

By Dr. Adrian Carr (Corporate Licensee-In-Charge, PICA Group) 

The strata community and building industry are on the cusp of legislative change. Let’s …

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6 strata trends to watch out for after NSW elections

The results from the New South Wales elections will determine
how the various impending legislative changes stand to affect the strata

According to …

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The difference between an owners corporation and strata committee

The governance, management and upkeep of strata property is responsibility of the owners corporation and executive committee. However, there are certain …

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Collaboration is the key to timely strata levy payments

By Terry Kemp | March 2019

Strata properties and body corporates are like any other business that runs on budgets defined for …

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Why your strata property needs a committee

Owning a strata or body corporate property comes with many responsibilities. Your committee is responsible for the day- to- day strata …

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The Purrfect pets for your strata property

Australian state laws are usually pet-friendly, however your neighbours may not be pet lovers and strict by-laws and rules may exist …

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Cogs in the ‘strata’ wheel – who’s who in a strata property

In a strata property, various individuals and entities work hand in hand to ensure everything runs like clockwork. These are the …

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How to deal with bullying in your strata property

Neighbour disagreements tend to be a part of strata living. However, bullying and intimidatory behaviour by an owner, resident, guest, committee …

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Mari Kondo and strata living: Does your small apartment ‘spark joy’?

Based on the Netflix show, ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ this photo first appeared on people.com
Is your small apartment cramping your …

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