Breaching strata by-laws on laundry can leave you high and dry

Being aware of by-laws and playing by the rules that govern the sharing of space and amenities can make all the difference to strata or body corporate community living. Hanging out the washing can seem like a trivial matter, but it can disrupt strata living.

Breaching strata by-laws on laundry

In strata or body corporate communities, what you do and how you choose to live affects more than just your own private property – it creates an impression of what outsiders have regarding your strata community and how your property is valued in the market.

With a focus on hanging out the washing, here are a few things to consider:

How by-laws and building rules determine what you do

Ideally, what you choose to do with your private property is your choice – all owners have the right to enjoy their property in their own way. However, according to strata by-laws and rules, owners and residents should be careful with any activities that may affect the appearance of the lot. This includes how you choose to decorate your balcony, and anything that affects the outer facade of your building – such as hanging out your laundry.

laundry and strata by-laws

How to hang out the washing the right way

You should make use of the laundry lines provided by your owners corporation and for the specified time. Hanging your clothes, sheets and other household fabrics on your balcony can look unpleasant and shabby. Plus, if your washed laundry falls into the balcony below yours or blows into another owner’s private property, it may upset your neighbours and make things awkward.

How to solve your laundry load problem

Getting a bit of sun can do your laundry a whole lot of good – it’s known to kill germs, and little comes close to the enjoyment of a warm pile of freshly done laundry. However, if you’re doing your laundry less often, clothes can pile up and take more space than usual. In such cases, try to do fewer loads to fit your allocated clotheslines. If that’s not working for you, you may make use of an additional portable clothes rack to hang your washing.

hanging out laundry strata apartments

How to deal with problematic neighbours

If your neighbour is hanging out their laundry on their balcony, kindly letting them know may help. Sometimes, they may just not be aware of the by-laws or rules – your committee can also guide them, speak to them on your behalf and put up notices on the notice board to inform new owners, tenants and short-term guests.

How to deal with by-law or building rule breaches

Breaching by-laws is never a good idea as it disrupts strata living. If owners and residents are continually ignoring neighbour’s requests and the committee’s verbal warnings, they can be issued with a formal notice of breach of by-laws with a physical letter or email. Your committee can hand them this notice of breach after the issue has been discussed and a resolution has been passed in a general meeting with owners corporation approval. Disputes related to continuous by-law breaches can be taken up with the Tribunal and this can lead to fines and penalties.

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