6 ways to deal with common parking problems in your strata property

common parking problems in your strata property


Has someone taken your parking spot? Unsure of how to resolve parking issues with other owners and their visitors? Let’s discuss some of the common problems with strata property parking and what course of action you can take.


When it comes to a shared parking space on strata properties, there could be all kinds of issues. While most property owners are considerate and abide by the by-laws or building rules, others may not be aware of the rules or are perhaps less considerate. To help maintain harmony with your neighbours, here are 6 ways to deal with some of the common parking problems in a strata property in the New South Wales:


  1. If you are expecting visitors

If you are having guests over, show them where the visitors parking is or make the necessary arrangements beforehand. Make sure they are not parked in others spots, no matter how briefly. If you are hard pressed for vacant spots, you can consult with your owners corporation for a temporary, unused visitor parking spot.


  1. If someone has parked on common property

Visitors are allowed to park in visitors parking only, which as usually common property. However, your committee has the authority to move a wrongly parked vehicle to another part of the common property. You can refer to your building by-laws about the parking rules and take the help of your committee. The owners corporation can put up notices, signages and barriers to demarcate common property and issue warnings to violators.


  1. If your lot is not allocated a parking space

If you don’t have an allocated parking lot, you can make a request with the owners corporation and seek approval to park on common property on occasion.


  1. If the by-laws are not clear enough

Your committee can set by-laws for parking by majority owner approval. If your property does not have clear or helpful by-laws on the matter, you can make a motion to share a proposal for a by-law to be created or modified as required in the annual general committee meeting (AGM).


  1. If you are given a parking violation warning

First time violations could mean just verbal warnings from your owners corporation, but must take care to heed them to remain complaint with your property’s by-laws and avoid friction with your neighbours. Make sure to look out for parking signs on the strata property to steer clear of ‘no-parking’ zones.

To deal with repeat violators, the owners corporation may enter an agreement with the local council by paying a fee. The council rangers can depute security guards, issue infringement notices and take legal steps against violators.


  1. If a parked vehicle is obstructing exits

The owners corporation is allowed to move vehicles that are obstructing exits and entries while being parked in common property. However, they can move the vehicle only after notifying the vehicle owner or driver. They can do this by placing a suitable, legible notice in a prominent part of the vehicle. Also, the strata committee can only lawfully move the vehicle to a more suitable location or common area, without damaging the vehicle. If they incur any costs in process of the moving, they can recover them by applying to the Tribunal.


When it comes to parking, it all comes down to being aware, responsible and considerate. Click here to know more about the do’s and don’ts of visitor parking in strata properties. You can visit our website to submit your questions for us or read what others are asking on the subject.